Both cats and us can be happy!

Concept & System


Both cats and us can be happy!

The Concept is [Both cats and us can be happy!]. Most cats are not from pet shops or bleeders. They were rescued from various places.

Mohu Mohu Café was born on 7th April 2015 which concept is "Both Cats and Us Can be Happy". The beginning is the owner found a kitten at an abandoned dark apartment near his previous aprtment in August 2014. And then, he decided to save the kitten. He started finding a house to have the cat and save more poor cats as opening a rescue cat cafe. Even though the cats were abandoned once, they still trust human and incredibly friendly. All cats are vaccinated and controlled parasites. So, you can play with them safely. We are going to save more cats as many as possible. Because a lot of cats are waiting for help. All we need is Your support. We hope that Mohu Mohu Café is a part of your life like visiting your friend's home. We may not save the world, but We can save cats.


Our Charge System

  • There is Time Charge which means charge by every 10 minutes.

    Either the order total or the time charge, whichever is higher, will be the payment amount.
  • Weekday

    10 minutes / 15 Baht per person (90 Baht per hour)
  • Weekend/Public holiday

    10 minutes / 20 Baht per person (120 Baht per hour)


If a customer uses the weekday service for 1 hour

  • Time Charge

  • Iced Matcha Latte

  • Total

    Time Charge<Iced Matcha Latte No extra charge
  • If you order or not, time charge will be incurred.
  • The time charge starts to be counted after entering the store. In order to receive an explanation of the fee system and rules at the beginning, 5 minutes are deducted from the time by cashier.
  • No time limit. You can stay as long as you like until the closing time. (Children can stay 90 minutes only)
  • We accept reservations on our website.
  • For group guests, you can pay all or split the bill.
  • If the number of guests increases after entering the store, those who come to the store basically will be calculated from the time of arrival. The bills can be combined. Please tell the staff.
  • If there is someone who will leave earlier, we stop the time charge when the guest(s) leave and check the bill for the guest(s) or pay all together later, the remaining guest(s) continues. Please tell the staff.
  • If it rains heavily after payment, you can wait for the rain to subside on the first floor.
  • Please refrain from going upstairs after payment (excluding restrooms).