It's unique, charge by the minutes and ordered amount are mixed.

☆The amount of you ordered from our menu is deducted from the time charge☆

If your ordered amount is higher than the time charge, you don't need to pay extra.

Either the order amount or the time charge fee, whichever is higher, will be the payment amount.

Time Charge (charge by every 10 minutes.)

WeekdayWeekend/Public holiday
Regular Price
10 minutes / 15 baht
(1 hour 90 baht per person)
For a specially reduced price until August 31, 2018
10 minutes / 10 baht
(1 hour 60 Baht per person)
Regular Price
10 minutes / 20 baht
(1 hour 120 baht per person)
For a specially reduced price until August 31, 2018
10 minutes / 15 baht
(1 hour 90 baht per person)


A guest visited on Weekend
Iced Thai Lemon Tea ฿95 and Omucurry Rice ฿199
Stayed 3 hours
Time Charge(฿270) < Ordered Amount(฿294)
Subtotal ฿294
Time Charge is 1 hour ฿90*3=฿270 (specially reduced price)
Payment Due is 294Baht Only

If you order or not, time charge will be incurred.

The time charge starts to be counted after entering the store, but 5 minutes after your payment is free for you to receive explanation of the system and rules. (Time charge will be incurred after 5 minutes.)
No time limit. You can stay as long as you like until the closing time. (Children can stay 90 minutes only)
We accept reservations with facebook and LINE @ messages.
For group guests, you can pay all or split the bill.
If the number of guests increases after entering the store, those who come to the store basically will be calculated from the time of arrival. The bills can be combined. Please tell the staff.
If there is someone who will leave earlier, we stop the time charge when the guest(s) leave and check the bill for the guest(s) or pay all together later, the remaining guest(s) continues. Please tell the staff.
If it rains hard after entering the store, the time charge count is paused and that time is not added (excluding those who parked the car at the parking lot of Mohu Mohu Cafe). When rain stopped, count resumes. While pausing, we will show a sign at the counter.